Club Consultancy

PBI has over 45 years’ experience in the management and operations of some of the most prestigious rackets sports facilities in the world. Through our innate understanding of operations, we have developed a strong sense of what makes a facility successful; not only in terms of operations but also court design, facilities, amenities, procurement and the overall customer experience and ambiance of a club. Three main areas make up our total club consultancy offering.

Facility Evaluation

An on-site visit to meet with the GM, Dept leadership and committee members if requested.  In addition to meeting with Club Staff, the PBI Racquets Operations and Management Specialist will also review the facility and court conditions and also any operational procedures, site plans and areas that the club would like included in the evaluation. An extensive written evaluation post-visit covering all areas of the facility including; court layout, court surface, court amenity requirements (lighting, fences etc), social and viewing areas, clubhouse layout and required amenities.

Facility design

Based on the facility evaluation and objectives of the ownership, PBI will provide designs for the layout of the rackets’ facility. Benchmarking and global best practices are used to compare and contrast with other such facilities and to ensure the most appropriate courts, surfaces, amenities and customer journey are considered.

Construction consultancy

Provide ongoing support and resource throughout the construction phase to help deliver the facility as outlined in the site evaluation and design. Provide consultancy on the product procurement from technical aspects of the tennis court facility, lighting, surface, viewing areas, nets etc.

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