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For over 40 years, PBI has provided first class service along with quality instruction for more than three million tennis enthusiasts of all ages and levels of ability around the world. The PBI tennis programme at Dubai and Muscat are managed by fully qualified USPTA Professionals and offers a wide range of instructional sessions and social activities for adults and juniors.

PBI philosophy is to teach individuals, not systems. Yet, there is a common approach to instruction by the PBI professionals. It’s based on practical, common sense concepts and fundamentals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, the PBI professionals will raise your level of play the very first time!


Courses available

PBI Scholarship Program

Our PBI Scholarship Program (PSP) is a selection-only program for players who are interested in playing Tennis at a professional level in the future. The program is designed for players 10 years old or younger and requires a commitment of 5 days of training per week. The fee structure for this program is subsidized by almost 50% by PBI and hence only the most dedicated applicants will be considered. The qualities we are looking for in our young players are;

  • A love for the game of Tennis
  • Dedication and commitment to training with a strong work ethic
  • A natural desire and enjoyment for competition

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USA College Recruitment

PBI has a strategic partnership with Platform Sports Management who are a leader in preparation, placement, and support for student-athletes looking to obtain scholarships in the US College system. Platform Sports Management has placed hundreds of students in over 20 different sports including Tennis, Football, Track, Basketball, Golf, and Swimming.

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Private Lessons

Private or semi-private lessons are the best way to work on a players technique and singles strategy. PBI offers private lessons for players of all ages and ability levels and are best used in conjunction with group lessons or playing with friends to ensure well rounded development.  

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Junior Program

Our junior program is designed to introduce players between the ages of 4-11 to tennis in a fun yet challenging group environment. Groups are tailored based on the following parameters to ensure the child’s development is optimized.

  • Groups of no more that 4 players per coach
  • Utilizing the 10 and under Tennis model to ensure the appropriate ball, court and equipment are used for the players age/ level.
  • Minimum 1 hour per week, 2 hours plus is recommended
  • Integrated match play opportunities to expose players to fun competitive play when they are ready.

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Junior Academy Program

Our Junior Academy Program is designed for players showing an interest in competitive play. Group sessions are longer in length, more frequent and have an emphasis on a high level of intensity and competition. The program develops players in the following way

  • Groups of no more that 4 players per coach
  • Emphasis on physical fitness, mental discipline and match play strategy
  • Minimum 3 hours per week, 4.5 hours is recommended
  • Integrated match plays and tournaments designed to give the players competitive practice environments.

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Interclub Ladies Double League

Are you a lady interested in joining a team in a fun and friendly environment? We have a number of ladies teams who compete in the Interclub Ladies Doubles League across Dubai. This is a great way to not only improve your skills but also to broaden your Tennis network for friendly matches. Practices are once per week with matches on Tuesday or Thursdays.

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Adult Clinics and Groups

Whether you have a group of friends already lined up, or wish to join one of our prearranged groups, we have an option for you! We offer an array of adult group based activities ranging from level based clinics right through to play with the pro doubles events.

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Tournaments and Match plays

PBI is very proud to be partnered with UTR (Universal Tennis Rating). UTR is the only globally recognized rating system for players of all levels and is a platform for players to find tournaments, events and clubs both locally and globally. Using the UTR platform, PBI is running weekly matchplays and tournaments around the UAE. Click here to join our PBI network and take part in our next event.

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