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For over 40 years PBI has managed the tennis operations at many of the top hotels, resorts and clubs around the world. The success of PBI as a tennis management company can be attributed to our focus on providing quality programs and professionals and an unrelenting passion for customer service. The business of tennis relies on the delivery of quality programs and personalized service. PBI separates itself from other tennis management companies and individuals in the tennis industry through our hiring, training and continuing education programs.

“I can categorically state, and without equivocation, that PBI is the best run tennis management company in the world. If you select PBI to run your tennis operation, you can be most confident that the tennis portion of the facility would be in very good hands. Because of their focus on customer service, treating people with honesty and integrity, doing what is right for their clients, hard work and dedication, PBI embodies all of the values that you would want in a corporate partner for a first class venture.”

- John Embree, CEO / Executive Director, USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association)

What we do


PBI's goal is to improve the overall performance of the tennis operations of our partner locations. Not only are PBI professionals trained in customer service and tennis programming, they are trained in understanding and tracking financial performance. In addition, through the use of continuing education and our annual conference, PBI pros are able to share ideas for growth performance with their peers, and bring those ideas to our client's programs.


PBI professionals are trained to become part of the management team of the resort or club. In this way we help ensure that the programs that are implemented are specifically tailored for each location.


Each and every PBI professional goes through 450 hours of training. We have the most experienced professionals in the industry with over 25% of our staff working for the company for more 20 years. PBI guarantees the quality of its professionals. If a professional is unsuitable for the position, PBI will assign another professional.


Our global network of resorts and clubs opens up a world of tennis opportunities when you travel. Our network also allows us to address seasonal staffing requirements.


Because the professionals are employed by PBI, we assume all of the associated employment costs. These cost savings go directly to your bottom line.


By reaching our loyal customer base, that has been built over 40 years, PBI creates marketing synergies through the use of PBI Magazine, Social Media and email campaigns.

Client Results

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