Ilia Chashchin

Tennis Professional



Ilia is a highly motivated tennis coach with over 10 years experience which includes physical training of players with a deep understanding of sports nutrition and pharmacology. Trained in Sports Branding and Management at Texas A&M University USA, Ilia has helped many players achieve their goals, across college Tennis in the USA (NCAA) and several U14 players included top 4 ranks in Russia. Ilia is skilled to train amateurs and professional players, focused on helping them advance their sporting careers.

Career Highlights:
  • Top 10 U16 Junior in Russia
  • Awarded the Master of Sports, Russia
  • Hitting partner for multiple top WTA players in Moscow
  • Trained championship-winning Russian women players including Chashchina Yulia Vladimirovna , Khanty-Mansiysk, Tamara Pichkhadze, Olga Kozubenko and Shuraeva, Zlata
  • Coaching all ages at academies across Russia and the UAE
Coaching At:

American University Dubai

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